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Book of this year about different things

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This article has collected 4 recently published books, which we recommend you pay special attention to.

“Feeling of Love” by Sue Johnson

A new book by an outstanding professor in the field of family and couples therapy, as well as the author of the world bestseller “Hold Me Tight”. In this book, you will learn what discoveries the author and other scientists have made over more than 30 years of research on relationships. You will understand that love is a genetic code for survival, that the main task of our brain is to respond to signals from fellow tribesmen, that the ability to rely on others makes us strong. Rejection and abandonment cause real physical pain, so it is important to learn how to protect, preserve and develop your relationship with your partner. How to do this, you will find the answers in this book.

”Celtic Myths” by Miranda Oldhouse Green

This is a book about the mythological literature of the ancient Celts – the inhabitants of modern Ireland and Wales. You will get acquainted with the most significant works, plots and motives of Celtic mythology. And also plunge into the world of magic, gods, heroes and terrible monsters.

“The Man Who Became Picasso” by Marie-Laure Bernadac

A powerful publication about the biography of the great artist. Clear chronology, lots of illustrations, facts from life, not boring storytelling, very high-quality design. This all adds up to make Marie-Laure Bernadac’s book incredibly valuable to your library.

”Emotional Intelligence at Work” by Daniel Goleman

What is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to be aware of your own feelings, to develop motivation for yourself and to cope with emotions both within yourself and in relationships with other people. Now more and more companies are coming to the conclusion that the competent possession of emotional intelligence is the most important component in the management of any organization. Now it is no longer enough to compete with your products; now it is also important how competently you use the capabilities of your employees. Emotional intelligence today is one of the main criteria in leadership training. This book is for everyone who wants to maximize their capabilities at work and master the skills of being aware of and controlling their emotions and feelings.

Remember it’s important to read every day. Build healthy habits. Get new knowledge. Read only good and proven books!

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