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Company outing Amsterdam

A Company outing Amsterdam is one of the greatest things you can do with your colleagues. The city has a rich history and there are many restaurants to choose from. For example, you can experience a Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam and view the city from the water. The Amsterdam canals add just that little bit extra to your team outing.

Different environment

You work hard every day and really only have time to talk to each other at the coffee machine or at the copier. That is why it is so nice to go out every now and then. Get away from the work environment and have time for each other, while doing something fun together. A Canal Cruise Amsterdam is ideal for this. You enjoy a drink and a snack together, have nice conversations and you also learn interesting facts about the history of our capital.

Canal cruise Amsterdam

There are many ways to travel through Amsterdam, but seeing the city from the canals is a unique experience. A Company Outing Amsterdam is therefore not just an outing, but an experience that you will talk about afterwards. During a Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam you will have nice conversations and see the city from a completely different side. The captain can tell you everything about the historic buildings and the history of Amsterdam.


A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam is of course fun in itself, but there are many more possibilities. For example, you can combine your Company Outing Amsterdam with a dinner on the boat or have yourself dropped off at a restaurant. How about a cocktail workshop or a beer tasting? That’s all possible on the boat. If you really want to do something extra with your coworkers, you can choose to play an Escape Game combined with a boat tour. You walk through the city with two teams and complete assignments. This is just a small selection of everything that is possible.

Floating Amsterdam

Floating Amsterdam is a boat company that can offer you such a company outing in Amsterdam. Everything is arranged for you and your colleagues and you and your colleagues will be well pampered. In a luxurious, open boat you can chat with each other, while you have a nice Gin Tonic in hand, for example. All you really have to do is contact us and pass on your wishes. The rest will be taken care of.