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Low investment business in hindi

Low investment business in hindi


1. Home beauty salon

One of my clients has a home beauty salon. This is a very good idea to start a business from home. Especially when you consider that you can determine your own schedule. Of course, in extreme times like with the Corona Virus there are limitations to this but it is still a very good opportunity to explore. In the context of over-stimulation, by the way, a separate work space that can be closed off may not be a superfluous luxury….


Those clients of ours who are in the year program and have a beauty salon from home are now mostly working harder than ever. They work harder ON themselves than they work IN their business. A very good thing. Would you like to read more about this principle? Then check out this blog. It’s about building a servant company. A company that can and may work when you are not there anymore. That is what the people in our year program are now working on to further develop and support. In that sense it is certainly true for beauticians that a step in the right place is ultimately a step forward. Teach yourself that you may work ON your business. That you may get better at this to learn new techniques that will help you move forward.


2. Thinking online

Within the economy of meaning there are many individuals AND organizations that are faced with all sorts of challenges. Online thinking outside the box can help them. Especially through LinkedIn you can reach many entrepreneurs in this way. Putting the earnings model behind it? That’s always the question how you can do that, but also here it starts with awareness and understanding the possibilities. By the way, be careful not to use the word ‘omdenken’. There is a certain organization that deals with this and they pay rather close attention to the use of others around this theme. Experienced one of our clients from the annual program. She focused on reverse thinking and was taken to task. Do it smartly and in an innovative way and so don’t call it omdenken but different.


3. Online marketer

Another “profession” that you can do from home: marketer. The Internet offers so many marketing opportunities that it is almost impossible to comprehend. Good online marketers have a high product value and are well paid. How much I can’t tell you. There is really too much difference in the market. Roughly there are 4 levels of marketers you can work with.


a. The tinker: knows little about the subject, but pretends to know everything about it.


b. The “novice”: is an apprentice to someone else and knows roughly how the process of online marketing works.


c. The coach: knows the principles from the theory, has not yet applied it himself.


D. The mentor: knows the principles from the theory and has already applied them and knows what emotions are involved when you’re busy with online marketing.


For your home business you want to be careful who you let be part of your team. You certainly don’t have to do it alone. That’s one thing that’s for sure. My motto: choose quality. Cheap in this case is expensive. Invest in yourself in this area.


To stay with the theme of the blog, how are your qualities in marketing? Do you know what works? Have you worked with budgets yourself? Or are you still completely new? Ultimately, “the market” is going to pay you for the value you’re going to deliver. Above all, be realistic about the value and dare to stand up for yourself. Of course without selling hot air.


4. Book publishing

More and more people bring their own book on the market, whether or not together with a publisher. To be seen as an expert or just to share their ideas. Online, this group of entrepreneurs can be guided very well in the process they are in.


Writing books is really not easy. After having written 2 books, I can certainly attest to that. I’ve learned a lot and especially experienced how nice it is to get guidance from others who have done it before. Of course, you can do everything yourself. It is certainly not a bet that you will not succeed, but the online guidance of a publisher can help you enormously to stand firmer in such a process.


Do you have experience in publishing books? If so, this could be a great revenue model for you to start working with from home.



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