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Online couples counseling is the new trend

Is there any feeling left?

This is the most crucial question in the whole process of the best online Do it yourself couples therapy, as well as when you talk to a physical therapist. The question leads to emotional outbursts when the conversation is held at the therapist’s office. In the online version, you spend much longer working on what you are feeling on your own, which is why this form of couples therapy at home is so popular.


With the relationship therapist, a lot of time is lost because you only start feeling on the spot. If you have been feeling in the run-up to the partner talks each time, then here you are calmly working towards the talk. This is less emotionally intense and much clearer.

When the question is put on the table, many people who attend therapy feel overwhelmed. As a result, they go into emotion and you don’t get the feeling clean. And even then there is possible doubt.


Whether you take couples therapy online or not, the outcome cannot be predicted in advance. By taking therapy very seriously you will learn more about yourself, your partner and relationship. Secrets get in the way of an honest relationship. This is where the shoe pinches very often, because people do not dare to speak up about things that have happened in the past. The result is that these continue to play in the background, but which do not do the loving relationship any good.

What you can do is work on yourself and talk to an individual therapist. If you feel good with the therapist you can first share your secrets with this interlocutor. The advantage is that the heaviest emotional burden is already off. The secret is already a lot less, especially when it is repressed abuse. By not processing this the body will protest, especially in the intimate zone, after a while.

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