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The popular Disney Showcase Collection

Are you a fan of figurines and Disney? Then you undoubtedly know the Disney Showcase Collection. It is one of the very best collections of Disney characters. They are all hand-painted. You can also see immediately that this is quality. They are therefore in great demand by collectors from all over the world. Do you want to buy one? Then it is important to find a good dealer. One of the best distributors is The Kid Collector Shop. Their range is always very extensive and you can also get other figures there. Find out which one.

Discover your favorite figures in different collections

The Disney Showcase Collection is of course not the only collection of figurines with Disney characters. For example, you also have the Britto collection which distinguishes itself with its unique design choices and brighter colors. The FUNKO POP! series is also incredibly popular. In this series, there are issues for every event in the Disney universe. Think of releases of new movies, as well as the birthdays of your favorite characters. Whatever figurines interest you, the people at The Kid Collector Shop will do everything they can to get collectors the figurine they are looking for.

Call in the help of the shop

An additional advantage of the shop is that you can also go there if you want to buy a particular figurine but cannot find it anywhere. The shop managers have an excellent knowledge of the market and know whether certain items are available or not. They are also well informed about future releases. So do not hesitate to contact the shop for a specific figurine from the Disney Showcase Collection or another collection. They will be happy to help you. They also have a lot of figurines of big franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. They are definitely worth it.