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How Odyssey Attribution uses Google Analytics to track their data

Odyssey Attribution is so easy to set up – you don’t need to install any additional tracking on your site. But how does Odyssey Attribution track data? You can opt-in and we’ll collect the raw data from Google Analytics and import it into your account in 24 hours. No need to install tracking. Just let us collect the data from Google Analytics. We’ll give you an account in 24 hours. Odyssey is the only attribution company that extracts Google Analytics data without any additional tracking. The reason is that they are the only attribution company that collects raw data. That means you can have your account set up in just 24 hours with no need to install any additional tracking to your website.


Businesses can use attribution data to see where customers are dropping off. To start, the business collects all the data it has on each customer’s purchase history. Then, it looks at what can be considered the end of the customer’s journey, namely their transaction ID. After the bounce, the next step is to find the sessions that led up to it. Typically, this is done by looking at every session that took place before the transactionID (i.e. Google Paid Search or Facebook). The visitor ID field in this case serves as a unique identifier in order to connect these datapoints.


With Google Analytics 360, Odyssey can collect all the data needed from BigQuery. All we need is access to your Google Analytics and BigQuery accounts — we don’t want to change any of your current data or settings. Google Analytics is an incredible tool for collecting data. For example, Odyssey was able to use the API to collect the required data to create a marketing strategy for our Google Analytics property. All we need is Read & Analyze access to your Google Analytics account and we won’t make any changes to it. We just want access to your account so we can use the API of Google to collect the data and produce a marketing strategy. Like any good scientist, Odyssey makes sure to analyze our data daily. We store our daily averages and delete the raw data from your Google Analytics account. To visualize the data you gain from multi touch attribution, Salesforce offers a tool called Datorama, which integrates with Odyssey.