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These synthetic dreadlock extensions look good in any type of hair

Synthetic dreadlock extensions are a great option for those who want dreads, but who do not want to commit to them fully. They allow you to have a full head of dreads for up to three months, but can be taken out whenever you want. If you install them the right way, they do not even damage your own hair. Next to that, these extensions can be used for any type of hair, so it does not matter whether your own hair is thin or on the thicker side. If you have thin hair though, it is better not to install too many extensions, since this can cause breakage. Despite that, you will have a gorgeous head of dreadlocks. Especially when you buy the high-quality extensions from Dreadshop.

Keep your dreads looking great with the right hair care products

Dreadshop only offers synthetic dreadlock extensions of the highest quality. They continue to look great long after you apply them, especially when you use the right hair care products. These can also be found in the web shop of this specialist. They offer shampoos, conditioners, locking and other hair care products that are specialized for dreadlock hair care. Next to that, the extensions they offer are lightweight and comfortable to wear. This means you will look great, without experiencing less comfort. What more could you want?

Order everything you need online

Did you see any synthetic dreadlock extensions you like? Simply order them online, along with the tools you need to install them and the hair care products you need to lengthen their lifespan and keep them in great condition. The web shop of Dreadshop is divided into different categories, which makes it easy to find the right products. The specialist also offers complete sets that come with both the high-end extensions and the tools needed to install them. It doesn’t get much easier than that.